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Epoxy Pipe Lining


The water pipes in apartment buildings eventually have problems, in particular pinhole leaks. Leaks are very costly to repair, because the leaked water damages the hardwood flooring and drywall in the apartment they are in, but not only that…the apartments underneath it will have the leaked water fall down on them as well. And in a tall apartment tower, this could mean several apartments all need to replace their hardwood flooring and also the rotting wet walls. Although building insurance covers this, there is a $5000 deductible which is a terrible price to pay.

Especially in Vancouver, where the water is so pure and does not have much minerals in it (soft water), this is bad for the metal pipes. Further aggravating the pipe problem is the hot water system uses high pressure to push the hot water up the pipes to the apartments that are using the hot water, putting lots of strain on the pipes.

When the pipes start having problems, there are only two solutions: re-piping the building, which would cost about $12, 000 per unit, or using epoxy pipe lining, which is a cheaper solution because you don’t need to rip apart the walls to put in new piping. Epoxy pipe lining involves “drying the pipes, sandblasting the inside walls with pressurized air and a mineral that removes corrosion and oxidation and prepares the walls to accept the lining, then applying the epoxy lining.” ( This essentially involves putting in a chemical into the pipes, which fills in any holes and makes a new protective layer inside the pipe. This is what every apartment building will eventually need to do.

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If you look at the centre of this map, you can see that some of the property boundaries have gaps. These spaces are reserved by the City of Vancouver for future laneway construction. Every time one of the properties on this street sells, the city takes part of the land for its lanes, about 10 feet from each property. If people only find out the city will take part of their land after they buy it, there obviously will be problems. Lanes were once considered a waste of space and thus these houses were back to back with no lane in between. But nowadays lanes are an advantage, because you can build laneway houses if the land is big enough, and you can park your car in the back.