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Renting a house

Some tenants may give bounced checks for rent. Once the landlord finds out the check has bounced, he is not able to immediately evict the tenant. He first needs to give 10 days notice of eviction for non payment of rent, and if the tenant has still not left, then the landlord needs to go to the BC Residential Tenancy Branch office and apply to evict the tenant, a complicated process. If the house owner is renting the basement or room by him/herself, he/she might not be aware of the legal process of eviction. But the only way the tenant can be evicted is by the legal process, other attempts such as signing agreements with the tenants for them to leave or calling the police will not work. So some wily tenants take advantage of their landlords and live rent-free for several months, while the landlord does not know how to deal with the situation. I suggest always collecting cash for the first rental payment and security deposit to ensure receipt of funds. It is a good idea to get post-dated checks, then the landlord can simply deposit the check when the rent is due and does not need to travel to the rental property every time to receive the check. Renting basements or rooms in Vancouver is a common phenomenon; it helps pay for expenses and is an easy source of income.