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Finding the Facts about a Property

Go to Vancouver City Hall to get information about the property. You need to be the owner to be able to access all information.

Check the BC Archaeological Site Inventory at to see if there are any First Nations archaeological sites in the property.

Hire an oil talk scanning company to scan the ground for underground metal.

Check the BC Government’s Contaminated Sites Registry, which has some of the contaminated sites.   It is on, go to Products.

Hire a property inspector to assess the condition of the building.

Ask the owner of the property about the house. Some information such as the age of the roof, if anybody died in the house before, or if there was previously a grow-op, can only be gleaned from the owner.

The RCMP has information about SOME grow-ops, at

Check the property title, which tells who is the owner and what easements are on the property.


If you find out there is an oil talk underground, ask the local fire department how to deal with the situation, and hire an environmental specialist to (professionally) test the soil for oil contamination. You should know if there is oil contamination in the soil first before hiring a company to remove the oil tank, and have proof. Because an oil tank company might damage the oil tank and spill oil into the soil.