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Incentives for First Time Home Buyers

Home Buyer’s Plan

First time home buyers can withdraw $25, 000 tax free from their RRSPs to purchase a home. To qualify as a first time home buyer, you or your spouse cannot have owned a principal residence for five years. Of course, this also needs to be the first time you bought a home as well. People using the Home Buyer’s Plan must start repaying after 2 years and repay the full amount within 15 years.


First Time Home Buyer’s Tax Credit

This is a $5000 tax credit you can use when you do your income tax return.

Vancouver Real Estate Blog

Can you sell your home yourself?

If you have the skills to sell your own home, then you can do it. But few people can say that!

Selling a home is a complicated matter, and requires knowledge in several areas.

Market knowledge: Do you know the market price of your home? Do you know how to judge the selling price you can get by comparing with recently sold properties?

Marketing: Do you know how to advertise your property so others know it is for sale?

Open houses: Can you stage your home, and make it attractive to buyers? Can you tell who is just looking and who is serious about buying?

Negotiation: Are you good at negotiating the final price?

Paperwork: Can you handle all the paperwork involved in the transaction?

I will save you time and money and handle these things for you. I am a licensed realtor. I have passed the licensing exam, and continually update my skills by attending sales meetings and professional development courses.