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Student Rentals

You can easily find student tenants in properties nearby universities or colleges. An owner of a house near UBC or SFU can quickly find many students willing to rent rooms. One room can rent for $500/month, but the rental rates will depend on the age and condition of the house. If it is an old house, the students will be willing to pay less rent than if it is a newer house. Many student renters come in groups. They may be friends or of the same ethnic group, and they want to rent a house together, splitting up the rooms between them. Being a landlord can be a pleasant experience, because it is easy to find tenants and the cash flow is constant. However, student tenants will often leave garbage on the property, so there will be some clean up costs.

Also, any family looking for a mortgage helper can rent out one of the rooms in their house, or rent out the basement suite. It is often a good idea to be a landlord, because rental income is a good source of cash.

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Feng Shui

Feng Shui may be very important to some Asian buyers of real estate. A proper Feng Shui ensures there is a smooth flow of “qi”/energy around the house. This smooth flow will ensure a good interplay between the seen (our surroundings) and the unseen spiritual world of energy and spirits. With so many Chinese buyers in Vancouver the Feng Shui of a house becomes important. For example, one house had a stairway leading up to the upstairs, with the entrance of the stairway directly in front the main door entrance, which was very bad Feng Shui.

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Copper Piping

In other countries the water has a heavy mineral content which causes the development of a thin layer inside the pipes, so the pipes do not leak.

But here in Vancouver, the water is so clean that this doesn’t happen.

Factors than can wear down the piping include chlorine, bacteria, low mineral content in water, and the use of Drano, which is very acidic.

Copper piping can have these problems; that is why new construction may use nonmetallic pipes for the plumbing system.

When piping is at risk of having pin-hole leaks, they can either be replaced or have epoxy pipe treatment to create an inner lining in the pipes.

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Air Quality

Here are some tips to maintain good air quality inside your home:

Don’t smoke inside the house.

Open the windows sometimes for fresh air. If it is cold outside, just open the windows for one hour.

Open the window or turn on the fan when cooking food.

Use the bathroom fans when there is a smell in the bathroom.

Don’t burn candles or incense inside the house.

Don’t use a wood stove or wood fireplace.

Vacuum regularly and dust regularly.

Clean the dust out of your fans once a year.

Put an air purifier in your room. It will filter the dust out of the air.

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A ground fault circuit interrupter, or GFCI, is an electronic device for protecting people from serious injury due to electric shock.

GFCIs constantly monitor electricity flowing in a circuit. If the electricity flowing into the circuit differs by even a slight amount from that returning, the GFCI will quickly shut off the current flowing through that circuit. The advantage of using GFCIs Is that they can detect even small variations in the amount of leakage current, even amounts too small to activate a fuse or circuit breaker. GFCIs work quickly, so they can help protect consumers from severe electric shocks and electrocution.

If you buy an old home with old electrical circuits, I recommend spending a few thousand dollars to get new electrical wiring and GFCIs in every circuit.